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Smart Math allows recognizing the students learning style to provide them with a personalized mini-game with the use of neural networks to improve the learning curve in the educational environment. In addition, parents have relevant stats according to the student's performance, and the school principals have information regarding the deficiencies that each child has regarding a concept and the style in which the child actually learns.

In 2016, Richard Torres was a volunteer teacher in the area of mathematics at the school "Milenio Yachay Yachay", located in Urcuquí, Ecuador. He observed how several students had problems in learning mathematics, but he observed that they were very interested in video games. From there he began his research together with two classmates from his university to write an article about the use of neural networks for prediction, whether a video game is recommendable or not for a certain student. In mid-2018, Richard continued with the project, but in recognizing the style of student learning through video games. Then, Andrés Banda joined as a designer to be part of the Smart Math team, and working continuously were winners as the better interface in the international contest TuApp.org 2018. The same project that has been published by the newspaper "El Norte" and the magazine "Lideres".

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